How to Cancel Topgolf Reservation: Quick & Easy Steps

To cancel a Topgolf reservation, contact the location directly or manage your booking online through your Topgolf account. Immediate cancellation may incur a fee, depending on the policy of the specific venue.

Topgolf has revolutionized the driving range experience by combining technology with entertainment, attracting avid golfers and amateurs alike.

However, plans change, and sometimes you may need to cancel your Topgolf reservation. It’s crucial to understand the cancellation policy to avoid unnecessary charges.

By making the process straightforward, Topgolf ensures that customers can easily manage their bookings, whether they need to adjust their schedule or accommodate unexpected circumstances.

Remember that cancellation policies can vary by location, so it’s wise to check with your specific venue for details. Quick action can help facilitate a smooth cancellation process, maintaining a hassle-free relationship with this innovative golfing venue.

Contacting Topgolf

Made a reservation at Topgolf, but your plans have changed. No worries! You can cancel easily. Reaching out to Topgolf directly is the quickest way to handle cancellations. Follow these steps to make the process smooth and hassle-free:

Calling Topgolf

Call the Topgolf location where you made your reservation. Find the correct phone number on their website. Here’s what to do:

  • Grab your reservation details—they’re needed for the call.
  • Ring up the location during business hours.
  • Speak with a staff member to request your cancellation.
  • Note the cancellation confirmation number.

Emailing Topgolf

Prefer typing over talking? Cancellations are also done through email. Here’s the simple breakdown:

  1. Compose an email with your full name and reservation info.
  2. Use the subject line: Reservation Cancellation Request.
  3. Send it to the email listed on their Contact Us page.
  4. Wait for a cancellation confirmation via email.

Remember, cancelling ahead of time helps others enjoy Topgolf too. It’s courteous and Titleisttive for everyone!

Cancelling A Reservation Online

Need to cancel your Topgolf reservation? Not a problem! Below, you’ll find simple steps to do it online quickly and easily. A guide to navigating your online account and ensuring a smooth cancellation awaits.

Logging Into Topgolf Account

Start with accessing your Topgolf account:

  • Visit the Topgolf website or open the app.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Hit ‘Sign In’ to access your bookings.

Finding Reservation

Once logged in, find your booking:

  1. Select ‘Reservations’ from the account dashboard.
  2. Look through your upcoming bookings.
  3. Choose the reservation you need to cancel.

Cancelling The Reservation

To cancel your reservation:

  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button next to your booking.
  • Confirm cancellation when prompted.

You will receive a confirmation email from Topgolf.

Cancelling A Reservation Over The Phone

Cancelling A Reservation Over The Phone

Need to cancel your Topgolf reservation? No worries. Cancel it quickly over the phone.

Gathering Reservation Information

Before you make the call, collect all your booking details. You’ll need:

  • Reservation number for quick reference
  • The name it’s booked under
  • The date and time of the booking
  • Email used for booking for verification

Calling Topgolf Customer Support

Once you have all your info ready, follow these steps:

  1. Dial Topgolf’s customer service number.
  2. Press the number for ‘Reservations’ on the keypad.
  3. Wait for a customer representative to assist you.
  4. Please provide them with your reservation details.
  5. Request for cancellation and note any confirmation number.

Topgolf will then process your cancellation.


Cancelling A Reservation Via Email

Need to cancel your Topgolf reservation? Do it with ease by sending an email. This method offers a written record of your cancellation request. Follow these steps to send a cancellation email effectively.

Writing An Email Request

Start your email with a straightforward subject line such as “Cancellation Request for Topgolf Reservation [Your Reservation Number]”. Be sure to include relevant details:

  • Your full name
  • Confirmation number
  • Reserved date and time
  • A brief reason for the cancellation

Keep it polite and concise. Use this template:

Subject:Cancellation Request for Topgolf Reservation [Your Reservation Number]

I am writing to cancel my Topgolf reservation.

Reservation Date and Time: [Your Date & Time]

Due to [Your Reason], I won’t be able to come.

Please confirm my cancellation.

Sending The Email

After drafting your email, double-check all the details. Send it to the correct Topgolf location’s email address. You can find this on your reservation confirmation or their official website.

  1. Attach any relevant documents, if needed.
  2. Click the “Send” button.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email to ensure your request is processed.

Keep a copy of your sent email and any subsequent correspondence for your records. This is crucial if you need to follow up.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Cancel Topgolf Reservation

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Topgolf Glasgow?

Topgolf Glasgow requires a 48-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling to receive a full refund. Changes within this time frame may result in charges.

Can I Wear Flip Flops To Topgolf?

Yes, you can wear flip-flops to Topgolf. They allow casual attire but recommend comfortable footwear for the best experience.

Can You Bring Your Own Clubs To Topgolf?

Yes, you can bring your own golf clubs to Topgolf. Many players prefer using their personal clubs for comfort and performance.

Can You Use A Driver At Topgolf?

Yes, you can use a driver at Topgolf to practice your long shots and improve your driving skills on the range.

Can I Cancel A Topgolf Reservation Online?

Yes, Topgolf reservations can typically be canceled online through your account on the Topgolf website or app.

Is A Refund Possible For Topgolf Cancellations?

Refunds may be available depending on the Topgolf location’s cancellation policy and how far in advance you cancel.

How To Modify A Topgolf Booking?

To modify a booking, log in to your Topgolf account and select the reservation you wish to change or contact the venue directly.


Wrapping up your Topgolf plans should be hassle-free, like your reservation experience. Remember, early cancellation avoids unnecessary charges and allows others to enjoy the experience. Keep your confirmation details handy for a seamless process and follow the steps outlined.

Have further questions? Topgolf customer service is a helpful resource. Here’s to flexible planning and enjoying your next Topgolf visit, worry-free!

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